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Here we are at Friday, again! It was another fast, but busy and productive, week for me!

I am ready for the weekend, and mine will be all about relationships. My husband and son have been in Washington State since mid-June, helping a family member. After a week-long drive across country, they arrived home last night. So, I will spend the day with them, and get ready to fly to Colorado on Saturday to spend some time with my mom and two of my sisters. It will be great to catch up with all of them; it’s been a while.

I will also spend some time writing and preparing for my Empowerment Mentoring lesson on Tuesday evening. The next lesson is Harmony, and it’s a really good one! Ok, so they are all really powerful lessons, and each week as I teach the next lesson, I’m amazed all over again at how relevant the content is to my life and to those of the EM Program participants.

As usual, I have some writing to do, and some other people to connect with.

What are you doing with your weekend?

As we are just ending four weeks of focus on Legacy, what are you doing now to design yours?

Whatever it is, I hope you are intentional about it and setting yourself up for success in the coming days and weeks.

“See” you soon!

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As we near the end of this month’s focus on Legacy, let’s just get crystal clear for a few minutes.

Every one of us will leave a legacy. It may be last a lifetime or only a moment. You get to decide.

Because you are the person I believe you to be — someone who wants to grow and be an effective leader (you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t on this kind of journey) — I encourage you to reaffirm your commitment to leaving a lasting, positive legacy in the lives of others.

Write it out…

My Commitment to Leaving a Lasting Legacy…

Now print it out and put it somewhere you will see it daily; it will help you stay focused.

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Good morning and Happy Friday! It’s been another fast and busy week and I can’t believe we are in week three of month seven! It’s been a full week. Had a few coaching sessions, participated in a day-long off-site meeting related to a major project I’ve been involved with over the last 18 months — lots of examples of growth over time, increased awareness, and still opportunities for growth in the future. Taught a really powerful lesson on the Terror Barrier for my Empowerment Mentoring participants — along with a few guests. I have to say, that group of people are so often the highlight of my week because they are so open to and hungry for growth. And had a really good call with my coach, Maureen McIntosh, — working on focus, scheduling, and productivity; this process is so powerful and I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with her. I’ve also had some really good work-outs with a new fitness program I’ve committed to (who knew I’d be stretching myself emotionally, spiritually, and literally physically all at the same time?!).

As I said last Friday, I’ve been working hard to be more focused to ensure my time is spent productively, and not just busily. It’s paying off! It truly is a process and will not change completely overnight, but I see progress and it feels good.¬†As with each week, I have some writing to do, preparation for next week’s Empowerment Mentoring lesson on Gratitude . Still have some preparation for some trips coming up in a few weeks. And clean up my house!

With respect to building my legacy, I can honestly say I think about this every day and do my best to be mindful of the short- and long-term effects of my words and actions. I want them to be positive effects; I want to be a + in other people’s lives, not a -.

What about you? What do you have planned for this weekend?

Who will you spend it with?

What do you need to do to set yourself up for success on Monday?

What’s going on in your life in the coming weeks and months that you need to spend some time thinking about and planning for?

However you spend it, make it intentional!

Remember…whatever it is you’re doing, it’s building your legacy!

“See” you on Monday!

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As you move toward your desired team legacy, what costs might there be in pursuit of it? Make a list…

What challenges might you encounter on your journey?

What capital (personal or corporate) do you have that you can use to achieve your goal?

What could the impact be on your team / organization if you do not pursue your goals?

If you don’t move forward, how would you look upon your life?

How would not moving forward impact the legacy you are hoping to leave?

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We’ve all heard it said, “just because we can does not mean we should.”

So, so true! And it holds true in leadership, as well. And how we handle this will greatly influence our legacy.

Think in terms not only of what you are doing, but also give some time to thinking about what you should not be doing — those things that may be taking valuable time and resources away from making the impact you desire.

Time to get out your journal, and on a clean, fresh page, draw a line down the middle so you have two columns — one on the left and one on the right. In the left column, make a list of the ways in which you are investing your time, energy, and resources that are showing substantial return. In the right column, make a list of the ways in which your investments are bringing only a weak, or no return.

Once you have clarity around this, you may choose to do things differently, to invest your influence, focus, time, energy, and other resources in higher-return pursuits.

Then, take it one step further…What will you do differently, now?

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We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever; the goal is to create something that will. ~Chuck Palahniuk

I believe I’ve mentioned the idea, before, about how with every interaction we have the opportunity to build or damage trust (earn trust dividends or pay trust taxes, as Stephen MR Covey would say). Well, there are other types of capital for leaders; in addition to trust, there is personal capital (ability, time, and influence) — things you have control over, and corporate capital (brands, product lines, etc…). Every day, and throughout your career, you will have the opportunity to make trade-offs with the various types of capital you have within your control. As we would with our money, we might make a withdrawal of one type of capital in order to invest it in another area, with the expectation of a positive pay-off at some point in the future.

In many ways, your legacy as a leader will be defined by your ability to shift capital from unproductive ventures to more profitable areas.

For an example of this, take a look at Indra Nooyi, chief strategist of PepsiCo, Inc. She was the driving force behind Pepsi’s transition from just being a soft drink company to becoming a more diverse producer and distributor of some healthier fare. Under her direction, the company bought Quaker Oats, which brought Gatorade and Quaker Oatmeal into Pepsi’s portfolio. She also drove the acquisition of Tropicana, which allowed Pepsi to add a well-known fruit juice to the portfolio. Later, she persuaded the company to sell Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, essentially getting out of the “fast food” (or Quick Serve) industry.

Because of her efforts, only 20% of Pepsi’s sales wee from soft drinks by 2006, compared with 80% for Coca-Cola. Based on her accomplishments, Nooyi became CEO of PepsiCo.

What do you think she said when asked about the legacy she hoped to leave? She wanted Pepsi to be regarded as “both a commercial and moral success — turning profits while combating obesity.”

That’s a tall order, one might say, but it’s clear the woman is not easily discouraged by circumstances and conditions. She has a vision, she has the capital — both personal and corporate — to use at her disposal in crafting the company she dreams of…

Let’s transition now, and look inward. In what area of your life / business do you think you are wasting capital?

What can you do differently to reinvest your resources for a more favorable outcome?

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Good morning and Happy Friday! It’s been another fast and busy week. I’ve been working hard to be more focused to ensure my time is spent productively, and not just busily. It’s paying off! I started a big project I’ve been putting off for some time, and took care of a couple of other things that have been on my to-do list for some time. It feels really good, very satisfying.

Monday night, I drove up to the Akron-Canton area and spent some time with several other members of the John Maxwell Team. It’s always great to spend time with these folks — energizing, supportive, encouraging, and like-minded when it comes to growth and development. Taught this week’s Empowerment Mentoring lesson on Attitude on Tuesday. Had a meeting with a woman interested in coaching last night. A good week, a productive week, and I am really tired and looking forward to this weekend!

I have some proposals to work on, some writing to do, preparation for next week’s Empowerment Mentoring lesson on the Terror Barrier (oooh, this one is sooooo powerful!). I am treating myself to a pedicure tomorrow, will get lots of sleep, will spend some time preparing for some trips coming up in a few weeks. O.h, and time on my bike and yoga (have to say, it feels good!).

What about you? What do you have planned for this weekend?

Who will you spend it with?

What do you need to do to set yourself up for success on Monday?

What’s going on in your life in the coming weeks and months that you need to spend some time thinking about and planning for?

However you spend it, make it intentional!

Remember…whatever it is you’re doing, it’s building your legacy!

“See” you on Monday!

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Have you asked yourself the question, yet: What do I want to be remembered for? What legacy do I want to lead?

You see, this is like success; unless you can define what success looks like for you, you won’t reach it…So, if you want to leave a certain legacy, you need to go about doing it intentionally.

Here’s an interesting exercise for you; perhaps an uncomfortable one…but I promise, if you are open and actually DO it, it will be most revealing to you!

Write your own obituary, as you would want it to be published when you’re gone.

I’m serious — get started today!

Then, share what you’ve written with someone you trust and respect. Ask them for feedback; if that is how you want to be remembered, are you on track and what do you need to do or stop doing to make it real?

Ask them, “If I did nothing more, and died tomorrow, what would I be remembered for?”

I’d love to hear what you come up with!

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Perseverance can make or break people. When you persevere, you learn a lot about yourself and others. Spend some time now writing a few lessons you’ve learned about perseverance in each area of your life:

Lessons from family members

Lessons from education

Lessons from friends

Lessons from professional life

What two or three principles can you create to remind you of the lessons you have learned from perseverance?

I’ll share one of my stories with you.

I always knew education would be my ticket to a better future. So, I worked hard through high school. I earned a small scholarship through the Jr. Miss program (it was a scholarship program, pretty prevalent in high school, with many programs throughout the US), and qualified for some financial aid for college. I went to school my first year, and was told by the financial aid office at my university that I no longer qualified for aid because my parents earned too much money.

Regardless of what the Financial Aid office thought, my parents were not in a position to help me with school, and I was determined to finish my degree. So, I found a job babysitting a couple of kids for a woman who worked at my university, for about nine months, until I had been independent of my parents long enough to apply for FA on my own merits.

After missing nearly all of what should have been my second year of college, I was able to get some student loans and start classes, again. Because my loans weren’t enough to pay for everything thing, I worked. In fact, I worked three different jobs (cleaning the administration building at my school — part time thru the school year and full time over the summer, cleaning the home of one of the professors, and taking care of the live plants in one of the school buildings) while taking a full load of classes. While the jobs I held changed over the next three years, I worked my way through school. I know I was blessed to have access to financial aid, grants, and loans to earn my Bachelor’s degree.

While having a college education doesn’t guarantee anyone a good job or a successful career, it has certainly opened a lot of doors for me. In fact, in many cases, it was the required minimum to even be considered for some positions. And, after I had been working in my field for several years, I started missing new job opportunities because the level of positions I was becoming qualified for stated “Master’s degree preferred.” Not required, just preferred. Nonetheless, I missed a number of job offers, because the positions were offered to someone with a Master’s degree. So, I realized, if I wanted to move up, I would need to go back to school and earn my Master’s degree.

This wasn’t a daunting task for me, as I love learning. In fact, if I could be in a learning environment all the time, I would be there in a heartbeat! So, I did go back to school. This time, the money wasn’t the biggest challenge; I was working a full-time job and attended school several nights a week, plus some weekend workshops. It wasn’t always easy and it wasn’t always fun…but I persevered and emerged from that time in my life victorious!

I am proud to list myself as Laura Prisc, MSC (Master of Science in Communication).

Try it…you’ll like how you feel about yourself when you finish what you set out to do, and especially if you had to persevere through difficult times.

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A key to perseverance is knowing when to celebrate. When you are up against a challenge — reflect back on your responses to yesterdays’s questions — what key milestones could you celebrate?

Today, think of something you have been diligently working to accomplish. Identify markers to be able to celebrate within this project or task, such as the start of the project, key milestones, key players’ performances, and the completion of the project.

Today, accomplish a key milestone and celebrate with someone to mark the occasion. Let the person know why you are celebrating and share your story about the journey you took to reach this point.


Key Milestones:

Key Players’:

Opportunities and ways to celebrate:

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